I know this was a while ago, but I think it definitely holds some merit to their relationship right now. Also, whether Frank knew it or not, this is one of the songs he posted right after MCR played their final show.

{quick song of the moment analysis}

At times I’ve shouted out unprovoked,
at the world and you, just to see if the people around me react.
Sometimes I think they’re all acting,
At times I’m scared that I’m acting too.  

What’s that thing all the anti-Frerardists say? Stage gay was only that - an act? It had to get tiring for Frank.

Makes me question-
was it love or just lust?

I’ve always believed it really was an act at first, but I’m sure a lot of us know from experience that you can’t mess around like that with someone who means everything to you and walk away unaffected. It started so sexual on stage, with the licking and the riding and everything else (even before ProRev). But then we began seeing the little touches and subtle smiles and it seemed so much more than just an act- so much more than just lust. 

Don’t we remember all the moments we remember the best
Framed in poems and in pictures, sang aloud in refrains?

This is such a Frank lyric because we all know how much of a pack rack he is- how he can’t let go of the past. Coupled with the second line that references those songs they sing day after day… each song that contained a special moment on stage that he remembers. 

Maybe it’s just as much about what comes our way as it is how we react.
Just as much about the things that we’ve still got as it is about the things we lack.

Let’s face it- both of them have it made. They’re rich, gorgeous, and have beautiful families that they obviously love. But there’s always going to be something missing as long as they’re not together. We saw this during the hiatus. Even after their huge fallout, they overcame it because they couldn’t stand to be without each other. I’m sure they want to be strong and be there for their families, but they need each other, and that’s essentially what it comes down to. 

I know, we won’t always keep around all we feel we need…
Some are fading in frames, some were born to leave.

Again, they let each other leave even though it was obvious that being together was a necessity. Who knows how long they stayed out of contact. In the end, they found they weren’t meant to stay separated. 

But if we’re still here, and we still breathe,
At least we’ve still got time to figure it out…
And to know what’s real.

After that phone call in 09, they must have felt that they had another shot to patch everything up… to really, truly talk about what had been going on and to say all that they’d been to ashamed or afraid to say. 

For the things that came, not the things I chose to come.
I want to know if I had any control. I want to know if it’d comfort me.

Frank didn’t choose this. Who would want to be in this type of situation? Being desperately in love with two people is not a good thing, especially when you have a family. Like I’ve said before, you can’t control who you love. But at some point, he must have finally admitted to himself that it is what it is. He loves Gerard, whether he fucking chose to or not.