Boy Division - Frerard

So the first thing that came into my head while listening to Boy Division was… vampires

I’m stalking these metro malls
And airport halls
And all these schoolgirls

I’m not dead, I only dress that way
He’s not dead, he only looks that way

etc. etc. Already we’re seeing a darker theme than we’re used to with Danger Days. They’re still in their Desolation Row/TBP era of song styles. There’s probably still some tension with the group because of everything that had happened.


Stomp the halls because I bash the walls
And have a lot to say about the lives you’re burning down 

I mean, you’ve heard Leathermouth’s lyrics, right? So full of hate and anger and betrayal. Frank was showcasing his anger on stage with his lyrics and affecting other people, as well. Neither of them were happy. 

I’m nowhere
Take me out there
Far away and save me from my self-destruction
Hopeless for you

Let’s say this was written by Gerard before the phone call. 

Frank is gone. He’s with Leathermouth. They’re on opposite sides of the country. He and Gerard haven’t talked. Gerard and Lyn-Z have been married around a year/two years at this point, and Gerard is saying basically saying, “Take me with you.” He’s self-destructing in  Cali, without Frank, which leads us to…

Sing a song for California
Say a prayer for California
Wherever you are 

I realize it’s been said that a lot of this is probably where the idea for DD was conceived, but obviously song lyrics can mean more than one thing.  Gerard and Lyn-Z hadn’t been in Cali for too long when this was written. Already he’s looking for an escape. He wants Frank to think about him, wherever Frank is.

EDIT: I wanna make it clear that I don’t 100% think these songs are all Frerard, especially Tomorrow’s Money. While Boy Division may have some Frerard undertones, I’m just pointing out the lyrics that could refer to F & G. Thus far, I think Boy Division & Tomorrow’s Money really just focus on all the shit the band had to go through in the time after Pro Rev. And yay vampires