frerard feels (not a theory, just my feelings as of now about the pair)

so the thing is, i truly believe in frerard.

well, duh, shannon, you run a frerard blog.

Yes, and I’m saying this because i know a lot of people “ship it” because “it’s fun” and “hilarious” (real quotes i’ve read on tumblr). While I post a lot of stupid shit about them, the idea that they had feelings for each other is real to me, just like I believe it was real for them, too. 

I understand they have wives, and I don’t doubt they love them. But when I see videos of the two of them and see how they look at each other and reach for each other without even thinking about it, I can’t help but believe in it. I see the way their bodies are always angled toward each other and they way they smile at each other, and I can’t help but wonder how other people can’t at least accept the possibility that once upon a time, Frerard was real.

I have a couple Frerard pictures on my phone, and every single time someone sees a picture, they always say something along the lines of, “Oh, what a cute couple,” or, “How long have they been together?” I showed my friend an MCR interview once and she pointed at Frank and Gerard and said, “So they’re together, right?” 

Have you ever known two people who were head over heels for each other but were too shy to admit it? But everyone can tell by the way they talk about each other and act around each other. This is the way I see Frerard, although I believe it’s different because I think something actually happened between them. Do I think it’s still going on? Maybe not. But I know it happened. 

The awful thing is, if it’s real, it’s an incredibly sad story. We heard the pain and anger in Leathermouth’s lyrics. We heard it in This Song Is A Curse. This isn’t a “Frerard Theory” post so I’m not going to analyze any songs. But my point is, it’s so fucking sad because if Frerard is real, at this point in time, there is no happy ending. ‘Stage gay’ ended, they had kids, and they’ve limited themselves to little touches on stage and song lyrics that leave us wondering.

& to everyone who gives people shit for believing in Frerard, I wanna say: you have no possible way to prove it wasn’t real and we, the ones who believe, have no possible way of proving it was. I concede this point to you. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. We don’t know what their phone calls consist of. All I know is, when I saw Gerard singing Superstar and Frank’s reaction, my mind was made up. 

BOTTOM LINE: I don’t believe they made a conscious decision to start something with each other. I stand by Frerard 100% because I know from personal experience, if you love someone, you love them- whether it’s wrong or right.